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Hot Sex AdultWe cornered some of the leading sexperts in the country and asked them to divulge the new naughty, naughty things more and more people are sampling in the sack. The following five carnal crazes they turned us on to aren't fads that will phase out faster than jelly bracelets; they're brilliant mattress moves every hot-blooded woman must add to her randy lineup.

Trend 1: Do It in Double Digits

No doubt, you're intimately acquainted with 69. Now may we introduce you to (drumroll, please)...77. Sex expert Cynthia Gentry, author of The Bedside Orgasm Book, clued us in to this frisky number. "The name 77 refers to the way you and your partner's bodies look when they meld together in this side entry position," explains Gentry. "It's similar to spooning but with a twist." We'll say. The unique angling practically guides his, uh, missile to your G-spot.

To reach numeric nirvana, lie on your side with your guy behind you so that you're both facing the same direction. Wrap your legs around his top leg and pull him close, pushing your butt toward him as he enters you. Once he's inside, straighten your legs in tandem with his so they're tightly sandwiched together, toes pointed. Stay connected as you simultaneously bend at your waists, while extending your legs at a 45-degree angle away from your bodies. "Folding over and assuming the 77 in this maneuver changes the angle of penetration, creating a direct penile pathway to the front vaginal wall where your G-spot is located," according to Gentry.

Trend 2: Try a Top-Notch Toy

In recent years, sex-toy sites have seen a rapid increase in sales, with chicks being the majority of their clientele. So is it any wonder that adult toys have gone designer? "Style-savvy women weren't satisfied with the cheap, tastelessly packaged vibrators on the market," says Dana B. Myers, the 29-year-old cofounder of, a Website that sells posh playthings like the Swarovski crystal-encrusted (they're on the handle) Minx vibrator. "As a result, vibrators have undergone an extreme makeover. There has been a growing trend of 'sexual couture' — fashionable products meant to be played with and admired."

Once you've scored a top-of-the-line titillator, you won't want to keep it to yourself. So introduce your man to your battery-operated friend. "An electronic toy produces sensations that you or your partner can't, which adds a new dimension of pleasure," says Carol Queen, PhD, staff sexologist at Good Vibrations. "Plus, these designer toys are less threatening to men because they're more likely to be perceived as fun accessories rather than penis replacements."

To share the love buzz: Pull out your erotic accoutrement the next time you and your guy are doing it doggie-style. "From this rear-entry position, the man has more access to your clitoris," explains Gentry. While he's penetrating you from behind, hand him your vibrator and guide him to your bliss button. Then have him experiment with various speeds and pressures as he continues to thrust. If direct contact is too intense, get him to play around with spots that provide moderate stimulation."The excitement of trying something new coupled with the pulsation he'll feel on the base of his penis while he's inside you will be highly erotic for both of you."

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