Jupe Merasa Lebih Hebat Dari Miyabi

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Some areas in the world of entertainment has dilakoni sexy artist Julia Perez. He had tested the world of modeling, singing, into commercials, and film industry. He claimed to be grateful to be trusted to explore the world of art. Like didaulat to become one of the main actor in the film SSSSTT ... JADIKAN AKU SIMPANAN.

"Thank God it's become a movie star. Praise be achieved is also one of the ideals of the film. If you had just wrote songs and fashion, it's nyoba DJ too," he said at Planet Hollywood, South Jakarta, Tuesday (12 / 1 ).

However, when asked which is more world ditonjolkannya, he got confused. "If asked to choose yes hard. The important thing for me, where there was a door there was a provision Jupe. Because I also pengen nyoba everything. The important thing is all undertaken in a professional and responsible," said Gaston Castano's lover was.

Mentioned about the movie-Esek Esek often identical with itself, Jupe did not want to cover. For him, as an actress she is ready to act in total, even though nudity.

"If you want the same disamain Miyabi (Maria Ozawa), I think I'm better than him, because even though most of his films-Esek Esek but not pure, there is still acting, so it still needs quality acting," he added.

Jupe vs Miyabi

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